Sunday 7 January 2007

new usage

PKG and SDE usage

Hi there!
There is a proposal on a new usage for the existing wrapper sde and a new wrapper pkg. The idea is to seperate the commands to make it easier for the end user by reducing the command usage clutter. The pkg proposed for the end user, and the sde command is proposed for who ever is building with OpenSDE or maintaining it.

What do you think?


Alejandro Mery said...

I like the idea of the `pkg` wrapper to build (emerge) packages and install pre-built packages provided by the target team. keeping `stone` (system configuration) separated instead of mixed like it was proposed for `sam`.

I think it's important that `pkg` hide all the internals of the builds using OpenSDE, making as transparent as possible emerging new packages, making updates, installing remotely available pre-built packages and package management tasks like which `mine` does currently.

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