Wednesday 28 February 2007

Instant GNU/Linux time machine

Useful article from FSM, written by Anthony Taylor, on directions and tips of the earliest days of GNU/Linux.
"You never forget your first.

Whether it's your first car, or your first significant other, or your first day of college, they say you never forget your first. That's not always true, of course, but I do remember my first: Softlanding Linux Systems, one of the earliest GNU/Linux distributions, and progenitor of the Slackware distribution. It came on a few dozen floppy images, and took forever to install.

Jump into the Astonishing GNU/Linux Time Machine, and via the magic of qemu and iBiblio, you too can experience the earliest days of GNU/Linux. It'll only take an hour. I'll have you back by supper."

The rest follows @ the link above.

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