Thursday, 1 March 2007

Cracks, pots and more

An old Chinese saying brings us the story of a woman who had two pots she used for carrying water from the fountain. One of them was new and shiny the other one was cracked. Every morning she used to put the pots on the two ends of a stick, she raised the stick on her shoulder and went to the fountain.

At the fountain she filled the pots equally and headed back home, but the cracked pot couldn't hold its water so by the time she arrived home it was only half full of water. Days were rushing by, but she never stopped to use the cracked pot, even if it kept only half the amount of water.

One day, at the fountain, the cracked pot couldn't bare its shame any more and said:
"I am so ashamed, but because of this crack I loose water all the way till home. I am not useful anymore, I am sorry."

The woman just smiled:
"Did you noticed that on _Your_ part of the road flowers grow? I noticed your crack so i planted flowers on that part of the road, so each day while going home we water those flowers so they grow in beautiful colors. And all because of you, because you have that crack our house is full of flowers and beauty. "


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